29th Jun 2011

Can chiropractors REALLY straighten your spine?

Arandomnickname asked:

I have some improper curvature in my back. Nothing really noticable to others, but noticable to me. The neck is a bit off, the spine bends to the left in the lower back causing right side of the body to be slightly higher. Also the VERY lower back is too straight.

Are chiropractors actually capable of correcting such things? I mean, they say they can, in fact that’s their main job and the main reason i decided to go to one. But many claim chiropractors actually do NOTHING in the long run.

One Response to “Can chiropractors REALLY straighten your spine?
The mom 02/07/11 at 3:31 pm

A chiropracter can do spinal manipulations to relieve stress on spinal nerves caused by things like muscle tension or a slight misalignment of the discs. The manipulation is not a permanent change of anything though, and no – they can’t permanently change the natural shape or curvature of a spine. An orthopedist can evaluate the situation and determine if a scoliosis is actually present, and if a brace would be of help. A brace has to be individually fitted though- it’s not a one size fits all proposition. A chiropractor can be helpful in musculo-skeletal aches and pains, through manipulation and massage- but aside from that it’s all smoke and mirrors. If you have back pain from the misalignment, they can help relieve that. But nothing they do is going to be a permanent fix. Spines don’t work that way. To change a spine takes surgery and braces.

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